InputPort Member List
This is the complete list of members for InputPort, including all inherited members.
GetApplication() const SIObject
GetBranchGroup() const Port
GetCategories() const SIObject
GetClassID() const InputPort [virtual]
GetClassIDName() const CBase
GetFlags(void) const Port
GetFullName() const SIObject
GetGroupIndex(void) const Port
GetGroupInstance(void) const Port
GetGroupName(void) const Port
GetHelp() const SIObject
GetIndex() const Port
GetName() const SIObject
GetNestedObjects() const SIObject
GetOptional() const InputPort
GetOrigin() const SIObject
GetOriginPath() const SIObject
GetParent() const SIObject
GetPortType() const Port
GetRef() const CBase
GetTarget(void) const Port
GetTargetPath() const Port
GetType() const SIObject
GetUniqueName() const SIObject
GetValue() const InputPort
InputPort(const CRef &in_ref)InputPort
InputPort(const InputPort &in_obj)InputPort
IsA(siClassID in_ClassID) const InputPort [virtual]
XSI::CBase::IsA(const CRef &in_ref) const CBase
IsConnected() const Port
IsEqualTo(const CRef &in_ref) const SIObject
IsValid() const CBase
operator CRef &()CBase
operator!=(const CBase &in_obj) const CBase
operator=(const InputPort &in_obj)InputPort
operator=(const CRef &in_ref)InputPort
XSI::Port::operator=(const Port &in_obj)Port
XSI::SIObject::operator=(const SIObject &in_obj)SIObject
operator==(const CBase &in_obj) const CBase
Port(const CRef &in_ref)Port
Port(const Port &in_obj)Port
PutName(const CString &in_name)SIObject
SetObject(const CRef &in_obj)CBase
SIObject(const CRef &in_ref)SIObject
SIObject(const SIObject &in_obj)SIObject
~CBase()CBase [virtual]