CTime Member List
This is the complete list of members for CTime, including all inherited members.
ConvertFromPlayControlFormat(const long lFormat)CTime [static]
ConvertToPlayControlFormat(const CTime::Format eFormat)CTime [static]
CTime(double in_time)CTime
CTime(double in_time, Format in_format, double in_customrate=1.0)CTime
CTime(double in_time, CTime::Unit in_units, Format in_format, double in_customrate=1.0)CTime
CTime(const CTime &in_time)CTime
CUSTOM enum valueCTime
FILM enum valueCTime
Format enum nameCTime
Frames enum valueCTime
GetAsText(void) const CTime
GetFormat(void) const CTime
GetFrameRate(void) const CTime
GetTime(Unit in_units=CTime::Frames) const CTime
Hours enum valueCTime
Milliseconds enum valueCTime
Minutes enum valueCTime
NTSC enum valueCTime
operator double() const CTime
operator!=(const CTime &rhs) const CTime
operator!=(const double rhs) const CTime
operator=(const CTime &in_time)CTime
operator=(double in_time)CTime
operator==(const CTime &rhs) const CTime
operator==(const double rhs) const CTime
PAL enum valueCTime
PutFormat(CTime::Format in_format, double in_customrate=1.0)CTime
PutTime(double in_time, CTime::Unit units=CTime::Frames)CTime
Round() const CTime
Seconds enum valueCTime
SetAsText(const CString &in_str)CTime
Unit enum nameCTime