Imports multiple models as referenced models from .emdl files. This allows you to import characters composed of multiple models, where the envelope is in a different model than the skeleton rig.

The models' file names are separated by commas. All referenced models are reconnected (for envelopes) to outside objects, if necessary. This is done once all models are loaded.

Note: This command is not accessible from the UI.

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = ImportRefModels( FileName, [Parent], [ExternalCnxMappingTemplate] );

Return Value

Returns the imported models as an XSICollection.


Parameter Type Description
FileName String File names of the model file to import, separated by commas.
Parent String Name of the object or model to use as the parent of the imported models.

Default Value: "" (or "Scene_Root")

ExternalCnxMappingTemplate String This parameter contains a list of models separated by commas, which is used to resolve the objects that we try to reconnect at the end of the import of referenced models.

Note: All imported models are automatically added at the begining of this parameter.


VBScript Example

' Create 2 models, one envelope and one skeleton rig
CreatePrim "Sphere", "MeshSurface"
Create2DSkeleton -4.31164311296239E-02, 4.0721568627451, 0, -4.31164311296239E-02, 3.45098039215692E-02, 0, 0, 0, 0, 4
AppendBone "eff", -8.62328622592479E-03, -4.00313725490196, 0
SelectObj "sphere", , True
ApplyFlexEnv "sphere;root,bone,bone1,eff", False
SetValue "Model.Name", "MyEnvelope"
SelectObj "root", "BRANCH"
SetValue "Model.Name", "MyRig"
' Export each model
emdlFileEnv = Application.InstallationPath( siUserPath ) & "/Data/MyEnvelope.emdl"
emdlFileRig = Application.InstallationPath( siUserPath ) & "/Data/MyRig.emdl"
ExportModel "MyEnvelope", emdlFileEnv
ExportModel "MyRig", emdlFileRig
' Delete them since we want to import them as reference
DeleteObj "B:myrig,B:myenvelope"
' Now import both models at the same time.
set oModels = ImportRefModels (emdlFileEnv & "," & emdlFileRig , "", "Referenced_MyRig")

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