Exports a model to an .emdl file.

This command is accessed from the main menu in File->Export->Model.

Scripting Syntax

ExportModel( Model, FileName, IncludeSubModels, CopyExtFiles );


Parameter Type Description
Model String Model to be exported.

Default Value: Selected model

FileName String Name of the file to export to
IncludeSubModels Boolean True to include submodels

Default Value: True

CopyExtFiles Boolean Copy external files related to this mdoel to the project. Note that the destination must be valid Softimage Project, else the files will not be copied.

Default Value: True


VBScript Example

' VBScript example : Importing and exporting models using
' the ImportModel/ExportModel commands. Models and submodels
' are created and then exported and imported in this example.
' First create a model, a submodel, and primitives within them.
SICreateModel , "SubModel"
SICreateModel "SubModel", "Model"
CreatePrim  "Torus", "MeshSurface", "MyTorus", "SubModel"
CreatePrim  "Cube", "MeshSurface", "MyCube", "Model"
' Now export the models, once exporting submodels, and once not.
emdlFile = Application.InstallationPath( siUserPath ) & "\Model.emdl"
emdlSubFile = Application.InstallationPath( siUserPath ) & "\Model_with_Submodels.emdl"
ExportModel "Model", emdlFile, False
ExportModel "Model", emdlSubFile, True
' Now delete the models/primitives of the scene (so we can re-import them), 
DeleteObj "Model.SubModel.MyTorus"
DeleteObj "Model.SubModel"
DeleteObj "Model.MyCube"
DeleteObj "Model"
' Now import the exported files. One as a referenced model, the other not.
ImportModel emdlFile, , False, , "Model (no submodels, not referenced)"
ImportModel emdlSubFile, , True, , "Model (with submodels, referenced)"
'INFO : Output from this script:
'INFO : "4152 - Data loaded from file <UserPath>\Model.emdl was created with build number: <build_num> - compatibility version: 300"
'INFO : "4152 - Data loaded from file <UserPath>\Model_with_Submodels.emdl was created with build number: <build_num> - compatibility version: 300"
'INFO : Object: "Model___no_submodels__not_referenced_.MyCube"
'INFO : Object: "Model___with_submodels__referenced_.MyCube"
'INFO : Object: "Model___with_submodels__referenced_.SubModel.MyTorus"

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