Keyframe sculpting changes


You can keyframe the sculpting process so a surface morphs from one state to another when the animation is played back.

To keyframe the sculpting process

  1. Select the vertices you want to keyframe.
  2. In the Timeslider, rewind to the first frame of the animation.
  3. In the Preferences window (Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences), click the Keys category and turn on Auto Key.
  4. Set a key.
  5. Move to the end frame of the sculpting animation.
  6. Select the mesh and choose Mesh > Sculpt Geometry Tool. Sculpt the surface into the shape you want.

    The Auto Key option will set keyframes for the vertices the Sculpt Geometry Tool moves.

You can repeat this process at other frames to morph from one sculpted state to another.

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