Organize objects on display layers

To... Do this

Show the Layer Editor.

Select Display > UI Elements > Channel Box/Layer Editor, or click the Show or hide the Channel Box/Layer Editor button in the Status Line (toolbar).

Set the pop-up menu to Display.

Create a new layer.

In the Layer Editor select Layers > Create Empty Layer, or click the Create a new layer button on the Layer Editor’s toolbar.

Rename a layer.

Double click the layer in the Layer Editor and type the new name in the layer window.

Assign the selected objects to a layer.

Select the layer in the Layer Editor, -click the layer and select Add Selected Objects.

Remove the selected objects from whatever layers they are on.

-click the layer and select Remove Selected Objects.

Delete a layer.

Select the layer in the Layer Editor and select Layers > Delete Selected Layers.

Delete layers without any objects.

In the Layer Editor, select Layers > Delete Unused Layers.

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