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When you customize Maya, your new settings are stored in user preference files, so that each time you open Maya, your settings are used instead of the Maya default settings. If you delete a preference file, Maya uses the default settings.

Saving your preferences in Maya saves any changes made to colors, hotkeys, hotbox marking menus, size and position of Maya windows, and any items defined in the Maya Preferences window.

Maya stores preferences files in the following path:


Mac OS X

Linux (64-bit)

You can change the location of your preferences and other important Maya folders (projects, etc.) by using environment variables. See File path variables of the Environment Variables guide for more information.

Most preferences are saved as text files of MEL commands.

For descriptions of the options in the Maya Preferences window, see Preferences overview.

To save Maya preferences

  1. Select File > Save Preferences.

    Maya does not detect if you are out of space if your disk overflows while Maya is saving preferences. If this occurs, your preferences may become corrupt or irretrievable. Ensure that your hard drive has space available to save your Maya preference files. If the disk runs out of space, free up some space before exiting the Maya application.

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