Add a tool, action, or Maya script to a shelf


To add a tool to a shelf

  1. Select the tool.
  2. Drag the tool icon with from the Tool Box onto the shelf.

You can add multiple versions of the same tool with different settings to a shelf. For example, you can add a Sculpt Surfaces Tool with the Push option selected and another Sculpt Surfaces Tool with the Pull operation selected. This only works with tools, not regular menu items (actions).

To add a menu item (action) to a shelf

  1. Click the shelf you want to add the menu item to.
  2. Open the menu with the menu item you want to add.
  3. Hold + and click the menu item.
NoteUse + + on the Mac OS X platform. A delay of a few seconds is normal.

For example, you could modify the parameters of the NURBS sphere tool by selecting the option box and changing the settings in the NURBS sphere window. You can then save the tool settings as a shelf button by holding + and clicking the menu item. The shelf button is saved with the settings currently specified in the settings window.

To add a command or script to a shelf

  1. In the Script Editor (Window > General Editors > Script Editor), select the MEL or Python commands you want to add to the shelf.
  2. Drag the selection with from the editor onto the shelf. You may be prompted as to whether you’re dragging Python or MEL commands to the shelf.

To add a panel layout to a shelf

  1. Click the shelf you want to add the layout to.
  2. In a panel, select Panels > Panel editor.
  3. Click the Layouts tab.
  4. Click the layout name, then click Add to Shelf.

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