Namespace Editor


Lets you create, delete, and edit namespaces.

The Namespace Editor displays all the current namespaces, including nested namespaces, in your scene. The root namespace is denoted with ":(root)" .


To... Do this
Create a new namespace Click New. The currently selected namespace is extended with a new child namespace. See Create namespaces.
Rename an existing namespace Double-click the namespace. In the Rename Namespace window, type a new name, and click OK.

The new namespace name is applied to the target namespace and its descendants.

Delete a namespace Select a namespace and click Delete.

You cannot delete a namespace if it has associated child namespaces. See Remove namespaces.

Select the scene objects contained in a namespace Select a namespace and click Select Contents.
List the scene objects contained in a namespace Select a namespace and click the List Contents.

The Namespace Contents Viewer appears listing the namespace contents. The contents list is also displayed in the Script Editor.

Add selected scene objects to a namespace In the scene, select the objects you want to add. In the Namespace Editor, select the namespace you want to add the objects to and click Add Selected.
Locate unused namespaces Click Select All Empty. All of the unused namespaces are selected in the Namespace Editor.
Remove empty parent namespaces Select a child namespace and click Collapse to Child. Empty parent namespaces of the selected child namespace are removed from the namespace hierarchy.
Set the current namespace Select the namespace you want to set as the current namespace, and then click Set Current. A icon indicates the currently set namespace.
Set Relative Namespaces mode so that you can refer to namespaces relative to the current namespace Select Options > Relative Namespaces. See Set relative namespace mode.

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