DG Profiler


The DG Profiler generates profiling data for all nodes included in the dependency graph. This tool collects a variety of timing metrics for each node based on the iterations specified. When profiling is complete, the generated data can be exported into a spreadsheet for further analysis.


Node Name
The node's name.
% of Runtime
A value that represents the node's compute self time as a percentage of the total time.
Node Type
The node type. See Node types.
Number of Computes
The number of times the node's compute was executed.
Compute Self (ms)
The compute self time measured in milliseconds.
Compute Inclusive (ms)
The compute inclusive time measured in milliseconds.
Dirty Inclusive (ms)
The dirty inclusive time measured in milliseconds.

Profiling options

Filter by Node Type
Filters profiling data by node type. After entering a node type in the Filter by Node Type field, select Enable to filter the data. Deselect Enable to turn node type filtering off.
Highlight Entries (%)
Highlights entries included in the profiling data based on a specified % of Runtime value. Select Enable to highlight all entries that have a % of Runtime value equal to or greater than the value entered in the Highlight Entires (%) field.
Number of Runs
Specifies the number of iterations Maya performs before profiling data is generated.
Starts the profiling process.
Graph Selected Node
Displays the input and output connections for the selected node in the Hypergraph. See The Hypergraph.
Reset Data
Clears the profiling data from the DG Profiler.

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