Update Manager


To open the Update Manager

The Autodesk Maya Update Manager window displays the latest product updates for Maya. This window lets you view and download updates.

NoteThe Update Manager is an interactive feature that must be connected to the Internet to receive updates.

To download an update

  1. Open the Autodesk Maya Update Manager (Help > Check for Updates).

    Product updates are automatically listed in this window by name. If no updates are available, the window is empty.

  2. Select the update you want to install and expand it by clicking the arrow beside its name.

    Each update includes a brief summary that gives you details about its function.

  3. Click Download.

    A progress bar appears in the Update Manager window to track the percentage of the download that is complete.

    NoteMaya is locked while your update downloads.
    TipTo abort the download at any time, press .

  4. When an update downloads successfully, the following occurs:
    • The location of your update opens in a new window on your screen.
    • Install instructions appear in a new web browser window.
    • The Download button becomes an Update button.

    You click update Update at any time to re-open the location of the update and the install instructions.

  5. To install the update on your system, follow the steps in your browser window.

To check for a special update

Occasionally a special update is released for Maya. In this case, users are given a download code that can be entered in the Update Manager window.

  1. Select Options > Enter Download Code.

    The Download Code field appears in the Update Manager.

  2. Enter your download code and click Check.

    The update appears in the window.

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