Create a stereoscopic camera


In this scene, there are three objects. Select Panels > Layouts > Two Panes Side by Side to view the perspective view and stereoscopic view simultaneously.

To create a stereoscopic camera, do as follows:

  1. Select Create > Cameras > Stereo Camera to create a new stereo camera.

    You can also create a stereo camera by selecting Stereo > Create > Stereo Camera.

    An icon with three cameras appear, indicating that a stereo camera has been created.


    It is best to set up the scene first with your objects, then create a stereoscopic camera.

  2. In the left pane, from the Panel menu, select Panels > Stereo > stereoCamera to switch to stereo mode and view the scene from the center camera.
  3. You can switch between different viewing modes such as Horizontal Interlace or Anaglyph by selecting Stereo > <viewing mode>. In this example, we will work in the Anaglyph viewing mode.

You may want to change your background color by selecting Stereo > Background color to have a better view in stereo mode.

You have now created and named a stereoscopic camera for your scene. In the next steps you will be adjusting the attributes of the cameras to fine tune the anaglyph effect.


Please see for the stereoscopy qualification chart for Maya for Windows.

Editing the attributes of the stereoscopic camera

Here are some general guidelines for tweaking the attributes of the stereoscopic camera:

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