Troubleshoot "GPU texture ram exceeded, texture loading failed" error message


If your scene contains more high resolution textures than your video card has enough memory to handle, your textures are not loaded and your scene appears in non-textured mode. An error message appears indicating that the texture ram limit has been exceeded and suggesting that you reduce the Max Texture Resolution clamp.

To workaround this problem, do as follows:

  1. Select Renderer > Viewport 2.0 > .
  2. Under Maximum Texture Resolution Clamping, enable Clamp Texture Resolution and reduce the Max Texture Resolution.
  3. Click Re-load All Textures.
  4. Press 6 in the scene view for textured mode.

TipIf the "GPU texture ram exceeded message" re-occurs, repeat the above workflow with a lower Max Texture Resolution setting.
NoteThe Maximum Texture Resolution Clamping settings are saved with your scene.

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