Create a multi-camera rig


You can create a multi-camera rig of two or more stereoscopic cameras using the Multi-Camera Rig Tool.

The Multi-Camera Rig Tool has a three layered mutli-camera rig defined by default. You can also create your own custom multi-camera rig using this tool.

Create a custom multi-camera rig

  1. Open the Multi-Camera Rig Tool by selecting Stereo > Editors > Custom Multi Rig.
  2. Click New to create a new multi-camera rig.
  3. Enter a name and naming prefix for your custom multi-camera rig in the Multi Rig Name and Naming Prefix fields.
  4. Add or remove layers from the rig using the Add Layer button or trash icons respectively.
  5. Select the rig type for each layer. You can select between the standard stereo camera or any custom stereo rig that you have registered.

    For more information about custom rigs, see Create a custom rig.

  6. Click Create.

    Your custom multi-camera rig is created. Furthermore, your custom multi-camera rig is populated in the Create > Cameras menu and the Stereo > Create menu so that you can create additional instances of this multi-camera rig.

Create a default or existing multi-camera rig

  1. Select Stereo > Create > <name of rig>.

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