Retime animation


With the Retime Tool enabled in the Graph Editor, you can create and manipulate retime markers to shift curves or curve segments in time, or warp entire sequences to make them occur faster or slower.

There are two main ways to manipulate curves with retime markers:

To warp the curve

  1. Select the object with animation you want to retime, then enable the Retime Tool in the Graph Editor.

    For example, to retime curves for a whole character at once, select the character hierarchy.

  2. Double-click to create a marker on either side of the segment you want to warp.

    When you add multiple retime markers in the graph view, a solid line spans above each pair.

  3. Drag the thicker middle segment of the markers as follows:
    • To slow down animation between markers, drag the markers further apart.
    • To speed up animation between markers, drag the markers closer together.

    Dragging the individual markers scales the region of animation within the span. The curves in the graph view squash and stretch as you drag. You can also view the adjusted timing of the animated object in the scene view.

    NoteIt's not necessary to select keys before manipulating the retime markers.

To move curves in time

  1. Do any of the following:
    • Place and drag a single retime marker.
    • Drag the solid span that displays above two markers.
    • Shift-select all the markers around the segments you want to move and drag either the solid span above the markers, or the thicker middle part of any marker in the selected group.

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