Save versions of a file


You can save versions of your Maya scene using File > Increment & Save.

To save versions of a file

  1. In Maya, open a scene.
  2. Select File > Increment & Save.
    Tip You can also use the hotkeys (Windows) Ctrl + Alt + S and (Mac OS X) Command + Alt + S.

    Maya creates a new version of the file and saves it to the same directory as the original file. By default, the new version is named <filename>.0001.mb. File names are incremented by 1 each time you create a new version.

    After saving, the original file closes, and the new version becomes the current file.

  • If the original file has never been saved, selecting File > Increment & Save opens the Save As window.
  • If the original file has a number appended to its name, the new file name respects this format. For example, if the original file name is <filename>.01.mb, the next version's name is <filename>.02.mb.

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