Use node type filtering to enhance Attribute Editor performance


When you select an object, its attributes are automatically loaded into the Attribute Editor where you can view and edit them. The nodes of the selected object and all of its related dependency nodes appear as tabs across the top of the window. Displaying an object's related nodes can cause performance delays if you try to make selections while the Attribute Editor is open. To avoid a slowdown, you can use node type filtering to customize which related nodes are displayed as tabs.

To apply node type filtering

  1. Select the object that is showing the slowdown and wait for the Attribute Editor to refresh.
  2. From the Show menu, select Add Filter Types for Related.
  3. Click Yes in the dialog box that appears.
  4. Select Show > By Node Type > Disable All and wait for the Attribute Editor to refresh.

    All of the tabs that represent related nodes disappear, and only the nodes for the selected object remain.

    NoteThe node types listed in the related list (Show > By Node Type) will be displayed as a tab when a node of that type is selected, but will not display as a related tab.

  5. (Optional) Deselect Show > By Node Type > Other to re-enable other types of nodes.
  6. To save this setting in your preferences, select Show > Save Show Preset, and enter a name for the preset.
    TipOnce a set of filters and settings have been saved to a named preset, the preset can be reloaded using the Show > Load Show Preset menu.
TipTo re-enable a specific node type to be displayed in the related tabs, select Show > By Node Type > <nodeType>.

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