Publish ramp attributes


You can publish ramp attributes (for example, the penumbra attribute of a volume light) from the Asset Editor the same way you publish any other attribute. For more information on publishing attributes with the Asset Editor, see Publish or Unpublish attributes.

You can also publish individual ramp points to an asset. However, the parent attribute of these points must not be published or temporarily unbound to do this.

To publish a ramp point

  1. Open the Asset Editor.
  2. Select the asset containing the object with the ramp attribute and click the Pin Asset icon .
  3. Select the ramp attribute.
  4. If the ramp attribute is already published, unbind the ramp attribute by clicking the unbind icon () for its corresponding published name in the right panel.
  5. Expand the attribute list beneath the ramp attribute.
  6. Select the points you want to publish and click the Publish Selected Attributes button ().
  7. Select the ramp attribute again (the parent attribute of the points you published in the previous step).
  8. If the ramp attribute was originally unpublished, publish it using the Publish Selected Attributes button (). Otherwise, click the bind icon () next to the corresponding published name in the right panel (now in the Unbound section) to re-bind the ramp attribute to its original published name.

    Open the asset’s Attribute Editor and the ramp appears in the Published Attributes section. Each published point appears at the bottom of the published attributes for that node. Edit the values for these published points to update the corresponding point on the ramp.


Published ramp points are editable for graph ramps but not color ramps.

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