Overview of FCheck


FCheck is an image and sequence viewer that caches images in RAM so you can play back and scrub images in real time. Color correction, image editing and error checking can be done in FCheck using tools that can:

FCheck is installed with Maya and works on all supported platforms. Maya uses FCheck as an image previewer to display intermediate results of a rendering. It can be invoked directly from Maya or standalone.

FCheck features can be enabled through command line options, hotkeys, the playback windows menus, mouse usage and the FCheck Info window on Mac OS X.

For more information on hotkeys and command line usage, see Overview of FCheck features.

For more information on mouse usage, see FCheck Mouse controls.

For a lists of FCheck command line options, see FCheck options list.


The offset, bump, color and negate commands are not available for FCheck on Mac OS X.

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