Aim a camera


You can aim the current view’s camera with camera tools. Aiming is like holding the camera up to your eye, then pointing up, down, or moving yourself around your subject matter to frame objects in the scene.

To move a camera through which you are not looking, see Move a camera to another location.

To use a camera tool

  1. In the view, do one of the following:
    • Click View > Camera Tools, select the tool you want to use, then drag the cursor to use the tool.
    • Click View > Camera Tools > , set the options, then click close.
    • For a description of the tool settings, see View > Camera Tools.
      • You can use the keyboard combinations to Tumble, Track, and Dolly the camera. See Selection, tools, and actions in the Basics guide for details.
      • If you change the default settings in the camera tool options windows, remember to press the Reset Tool button to reset the tool defaults for the next operation.
      • Select View > Default View if you zoom and tumble the view repeatedly and then need to see the default camera’s view.

      If you want to aim your camera down a curve path, you can attach your camera to the curve by following these steps:

      1. Create Camera and Aim. The camera's hierarchy should consist of the following nodes: camera_group, camera, and camera_aim.
      2. Create 2 locators. Move the locators so that the first locator is at the same location as the camera and the second locator is at the same location as the camera's aim.
      3. Parent camera_group under first locator.
      4. Parent camera_aim under second locator.
      5. Select the first locator and the curve and create a Motion Path by selecting Animate > Motion Paths > Attach to Motion Path> . In the Attach to Motion Path Options window, select Z as the Front Axis. Make sure that Follow and Bank are checked; then, click Attach.
      6. Parent the second locator under the first locator.
      7. Turn on Snap to Curve and then Ctrl-drag the second locator to the curve. The locator should snap to the curve.
      8. Play the animation. The camera should stay aimed down the curve path. If the camera is moving backwards along the curve, try moving the locator to the other side of the curve.

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