Adjust depth of field


You can view the calculated distance of the camera from the object and apply that value to the Focus Distance for the camera to achieve Depth of Field effects in the Camera’s Attribute Editor.

For information on depth of field, see Focus and blur.

  • To create an image that has wider depth of field (more area in front of and behind the subject that is in focus) use high fStop values, such as f16, f22, f32. To achieve narrow depth of field (less area in front and behind the subject that is in focus) use low fStop values such as f2.8, f4 or f5.6. For more information on fStops, see fStop (aperture) and shutter speed/angle.
  • Depending on the fStop and Focus Region Scale values, parts of the object may or may not be in focus.

To ensure the center of an object is in focus for Depth of Field

  1. Select the object in the view.
  2. Make sure Object Details is turned on in the Heads Up Display menu. (Object Details is on by default). Notice the Distance from Camera value.
  3. Use the Distance from Camera value as the Focus Distance value in the Depth of Field section for the current Camera.

    If you select multiple objects, Maya uses the center of their bounding box to calculate the distance from the camera.

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