The hotbox appears when you hold down the spacebar.

Hotbox Controls > Hotbox Style

Controls what controls are available in the hotbox.

Disabling the viewport toggle

You can use the MEL command:

hotBox -ncc "";

to disable the viewport panel toggle that occurs when you press the space bar. This way, only the hotbox appears when you press the space bar.

For more information, see hotBox.


Zones and Menu Rows

Make all of the menu rows visible.

Zones Only

Display just the five marking menu zones. Menu sets are not available.

Center Zone Only

Make only the center zone (Maya) active everywhere. North, South, East, and West Zones and menu sets are not available.

Center Zone RMB Popups

Turn this option on to display menus for the selected menu set when you -click the center zone. The menu set appears as a pop-up instead of a row. Note that the functional menu sets do not display when this option is on, even if you have selected to show them.

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