Attribute Spread Sheet


Lists multiple attributes on multiple objects in a spreadsheet format. Navigate to Window > General Editors > Attribute Spread Sheet to access the Attribute Spread Sheet.

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Names > Nice Attribute Names, Short Attribute Names, Long Attribute Names

Select whether to show the short or long attribute names at the tops of the columns.


Layouts > Show Selected Columns Only/Show All Columns

Hides the attribute columns that are not currently selected. Select Show All Columns to return to the full display.

Layouts > Remember This Layout

Creates a new tab with only the currently visible attribute columns. Select the columns you want in the new tab, select Show Selected Columns Only, then Remember This Layout.

Layouts > Delete Current Layout

Deletes a custom tab created with Remember This Layout. Click the tab and select Delete Current Layout to delete the tab.


Key > Key Selected

Sets keys at the current frame for the attributes (cells) currently selected in the spreadsheet.


Layer > Create Override for Selected

Creates a Render Layer Override for the selected object.

Layer > Remove Override from Selected

Removes the Render Layer Override for the selected object.

Attribute Filter

Use the Attribute Filter field to filter out attributes. The filter supports sub-strings and is not case sensitive. For example, if you want to isolate the translate attributes, type "trans" and only attributes containing the string "trans" are displayed.


The different tabs show different types of attributes.

Use the arrows at the right end of the tabs to show more tabs that are hidden by the window’s edge.

Use Layouts > Show Selected Columns Only and Layouts > Remember This Layout to create a new custom tab with only the attributes you want.


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