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Creates published names on the asset and binds the attributes to those published names according to the options in the Publish Attribute Options.

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Specifies the nodes to be published.

Selected Channel Box attributes

Publishes all currently highlighted attributes in the Channel Box.

All Keyable

Publishes all animation keyable attributes for the selected node.

Incoming Connections

Publishes all attributes whose values are currently determined by a connection to another node.

Selected Attributes

Publishes all currently selected attributes in the selected node to a selected asset.

Attribute name

Specifies the name of the published attribute on the asset. Renaming published attributes does not affect the name of the source attributes on their original nodes and renamed attributes still maintain a connection to these source attributes.

Add a number to make it unique

Automatically appends a number to the published attribute name if a published attribute with the same name already exists on the asset.

Prefix with node name

Automatically prepends the node name followed by an underscore to the published attribute’s name on the asset. For example, pSphere1_translateX.

Prefix with custom string

Automatically prepends the text in the Custom string field followed by an underscore to the published attribute’s name on the asset.

Custom name

Renames the published attribute to the text in the Custom string field.

Custom string

The text in this field is used by the Attribute name option when it is set to Prefix with custom string or Custom name.


You cannot publish an attribute with the name “note” or with a “.” as they are a reserved keyword and reserved symbol respectively.

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