Mute animation


Muting lets you isolate and focus on a specific motion. For example, working with a model whose arms and legs are animated, you can use muting to turn off the animation of either the arms or legs.

You can mute selected animation channels to temporarily disable the animation without disconnecting its curve from the animated object. See Mute channels. You can also mute keys for a selected object. See Mute keys.


Muted channels appear brown in the Channel Box.

When you mute an animated object’s keys or channels, a mute channel is generated for each animation channel. See mute node. You can also mute a time range by animating the status (on/off) of this mute node.

To animate the mute node

  1. Select the mute node in Hypergraph.
  2. In the Channel Box:
    • Set Mute to 1 to turn the mute node on.
    • Set Mute to 0 to turn the mute node off.

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