Add nodes to an asset


To add nodes to an asset

  1. Select the node(s) you want to add.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select Assets > Add to asset. If you have two assets selected, the first one you selected is added to the second.

      Maya returns an error if more than two assets are selected.

    • In the Outliner, -drag the node(s) onto an existing asset node.

      When adding nodes to an asset using the Outliner, Maya respects the current Add to Asset options. For more information, see Assets > Add to asset.

    • In the Hypergraph Connections editor, hold + + and drag the node(s) into the asset node.
    • In the Hypergraph Connections editor, -click the asset border and select Add selected to asset.

    The node is added to the asset. If the node was already inside another asset, it is removed from that asset.

The above methods are useful if you want to manually specify the nodes to add to the asset. However, you can also quickly add a group of nodes that are related by their hierarchy or connections.

To add a group of related nodes to an asset

  1. In either the Outliner or Hypergraph Connections editor, select the node(s) whose related hierarchy you want to add to an asset.
  2. + select the asset you want to add the node(s) to.
  3. Select Assets > Add to asset > .
  4. Select whether you want any connected nodes and the hierarchy related to the node included in the asset.
  5. Click Apply and Close.

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