Define a skeleton using a template


If your character's joints are named according to the HumanIK naming conventions (listed in the Name Match view), you can apply the HIK naming template to automatically complete the mapping process.

To define a skeleton using the HIK naming template

  1. File > Import... the file Mia.mb.

    This file can be found in the GettingStarted2014LessonData\HumanIK directory that you set as your Maya project.

    A character named Mia appears in the Maya scene.

  2. Select Skeleton > HumanIK... to open the Character Controls.
  3. Click Skeleton in the Define section of the Start pane.

    This creates a new character (named Character1 by default) and opens the Definition tab.

  4. Select one of Mia's bones in the scene.
  5. Click the Load Skeleton Definition icon in the Definition tab toolbar.

    The Load Skeleton Definition dialog box opens.

  6. Select HIK from the Template drop-down list.
  7. The Match all bones with prefix option will match all of the bones in Mia's body.

    Make sure this option is selected and Mia's name is entered as the prefix.

  8. Click OK.

    The template is applied and Mia's skeleton definition is valid.

  9. -click anywhere in the Character view and select Name Match View from the menu that appears.

    Note that all of Mia's nodes have been matched based on the HumanIK naming conventions. Mia's joints use the same joint names as those listed in the Name Match view.

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