Outputting UVs

Now that you have your unfolded UVs, you need to export them so that you can draw a texture on them. You can do this by taking a snapshot of your UV layout.

To export a UV snapshot

  1. -click the torso in the perspective view and select UV from the pop-up menu.
  2. Drag-select all the UVs on the torso.
  3. In the UV Texture Editor, use the Scale Tool and Move Tool to transform the mesh so that it fits inside the upper-right square of the UV Texture Editor.

  4. -click the torso in the perspective view and select Object Mode.
  5. Select the torso.
  6. In the UV Texture Editor, select Polygons > UV Snapshot.

    The UV Snapshot options window appears.

  7. Click the Browse button.

    The file browser appears.

  8. Navigate to GettingStarted/UVMapping and enter the name torso_UVs.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Set Image Format to Maya IFF.
  11. Click OK.

Maya creates a file named torso_UVs.iff in the Getting Started folder. If you open this file, you can see the exported UV mesh.

You can now open this file using an external image editor and paint your texture using the mesh as a guide.

NoteIf your image editing software does not support Maya .iff images, you can change the image format in the UV Snapshot options window and then export the file again.