Using the Reference Editor

You can duplicate your referenced zombie repeatedly to dress the scene. To do this, you use the Duplicate Reference option in the Reference Editor.

To duplicate the referenced zombie

  1. Open the Reference Editor ( File > Reference Editor).

    The Reference Editor displays all your referenced files in a list. From this editor you can create and remove references, load and unload references, create proxies, and control all other aspects of the referenced files in the scene.

  2. In the list of referenced files, select zombieShuffleRN zombieShuffle.mb.
  3. Select Reference > Duplicate Reference.

    A second entry called zombieShuffleRN1 zombieShuffle.mb appears in the Reference Editor.

Although another entry appeared in the Reference Editor, there still appears to be one zombie in the scene. This is because the duplicated zombie is overlapping the original.

To reposition the duplicated zombie

  1. Open the Outliner ( Window > Outliner).

    The last entry in the Outliner is zombieShuffle1:zombie_AST. Notice that there is a small icon in the top-left corner of the asset icon, indicating that this is a referenced object. Also note that the prefix zombieShuffle1: denotes the namespace for that zombie.

  2. Select zombieShuffle1:zombie_AST in the Outliner and then use the manipulators to reposition the zombie in the scene.

    If you play the animation, both zombies perform identical shuffles in different parts of the scene.

Now repeat the above steps 3 or 4 more times to fill the graveyard with a horde of zombies. Leave the original zombie reference in its default place.