Creating an asset

An asset is the best way to define an object in your scene. An asset is not visible in the main viewport, but you can select it from the Outliner, Hypergraph Connections editor, and Asset Editor.

To create an asset for the fire truck

  1. Select Body_GRP, Doors_GRP, Axles_GRP, Sirens_GRP, Interior_GRP, and Lights_GRP in the Outliner.
  2. Select Assets > Create Asset with Transform > .

    The Create Asset with Transform options window appears.

  3. In the Create Asset with Transform options window, select Edit > Reset Settings.
  4. Under the Include Options, turn on Include these inputs, Include All Inputs, and Include Shading Network.
  5. Click Apply and Close.

    Maya encapsulates the fire truck in an asset.

  6. Double-click asset1 in the Outliner and change the name to Fire_truck_AST.