Smoothing/Relaxing a mesh interactively

Sometimes you only want to partially unfold a mesh. For this, you can use the UV Smooth tool to interactively unfold or relax the mesh.

To partially unfold the UV mesh

  1. In the UV Texture Editor, select all the UVs.
  2. Select Tool > Smooth UV Tool > .

    The Smooth UV Tool options window appears.

  3. Select Edit > Reset Settings.
  4. Set Space to UV Space.
  5. Click Apply and Close.

    Two controls appear over the UV mesh called Unfold and Relax.

  6. Click Unfold and drag the mouse to the right.

    The UV mesh unfolds as you drag the mouse to the left.

  7. Continue to drag until the bottom of the UV mesh until it roughly resembles the picture below.

    If you reach the edge of the screen you can release the mouse button, click the Unfold control and drag again.