Creating a cracker box model

You begin the lesson by creating a model of a cracker box using a polygonal cube primitive. The dimensions you’ll use for the cracker box are based on a texture map you’ll apply to the model in this lesson.

To create a cracker box model using a cube primitive

  1. Select Create > Polygon Primitives > Cube > .
  2. In the Polygon Cube Options window, select Edit > Reset Settings, set the following options, and then click Create:
    • Width: 8
    • Height: 10
    • Depth: 3
    • Width divisions: 1
    • Height divisions: 1
    • Depth divisions: 1
    • Axis: Y
    • Create UVs: On
    • Normalize: Off

    A cube primitive in the shape of a rectangular box appears in the scene view.

    When the Create UVs option is on it ensures that the primitive object is created with a set of default UV texture coordinates. All polygon primitives in Maya provide an option for creating UV texture coordinates at the time of creation.

  3. Using the Channel Box, set the Translate Y attribute to 5 so that the cracker box is repositioned to rest on the X axis.
  4. Rename the pCube1 primitive to: cracker_box.