Smearing and blurring

In the next steps you’ll smear and blur the paint on Dino. Smearing with a Paint Effects brush blends adjacent colors together along the stroke path. Blurring softens the edges of adjacent colors by averaging their color values.

To smear and blur with Paint Effects brushes

  1. Move the Visor window back into view.
  2. Click the wetInWet folder and then click the cleanWaterDrip.mel brush. Close the Visor window.

    In the 3D Paint Tool settings, under Paint Operations settings, observe that the Paint Operation is now set to Paint Effects Smear. The brush you selected, cleanWaterDrip, has settings that turn on the Smear setting automatically for you.

  3. Paint across the side of Dino. The paint smears and produces an effect similar to dripping wet paint.

  4. In the Paint Operations section of the 3D Paint Tool settings, select Paint Effects Blur.

    This selects the default Paint Effects Blur brush.

  5. Paint across the side of Dino to see the effect of Blur.

  6. Save the texture by clicking the Save Textures button in the File Textures section.