Change the visual layout of nodes in the Hypergraph
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Switch between automatic and manual layout.

Select one of the following:

  • Options > Layout > Automatic Layout.
  • Options > Layout > Freeform Layout.

Move nodes in freeform layout.

Drag nodes with .

Display an image in the background of the freeform layout.

To load an image, select View > Set Background Image.

To turn the image on or off, View > Show Background Image.

Reset the positions of nodes in the freeform layout.

Select Edit > Reset Freeform Layout.

Switch the automatic layout between stacking root nodes horizontally or vertically.

Select one of the following:

  • Options > Orientation > Horizontal.
  • Options > Orientation > Vertical.
  • Options > Orientation > Schematic.

Change the color of nodes as they display in the Hypergraph.

In the Attribute Editor for that node, go to Drawing Overrides. (You may have to expand Object Display to see this section.) Turn on Enable Overrides and set a color using the color slider.

You must have Node Display Override Color turned on in the Hypergraph to display color changes. Changing the color of a layer overrides this node display setting.

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