Menus and menu sets

The menus in Maya are grouped into menu sets. Each menu set corresponds to a module of the software: Animation, Polygons, Surfaces, Dynamics, and Rendering. Maya Unlimited has additional modules. As you switch between menu sets, the right-hand menus change, but the left-hand menus remain the same; these are the common menus.

To switch between menu sets, use the Status Line drop-down list or hotkeys. The default hotkeys are: F2 (Animation), F3 (Polygons), F4 (Surfaces), F6 (Rendering).

You can create custom menu sets that contain your choice of menu items. For more information, see Custom menu sets.

Tear-off menus

You can display menus as separate windows. This is helpful when you use a menu repeatedly. Pull down the menu and click the tear-off line at the top. Tear-off menus always display on top.

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