Preparing for the lessons

To ensure the lessons work as described, do these steps before beginning:

  1. Select File > New Scene to create a new scene.
  2. If you have not already done so, copy the GettingStarted folder from its installation location to your projects directory. Then, set the GettingStarted directory as your Maya project. For more information, see Copying and setting the Maya project.
  3. Select Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences and do the following:.
    • Click the Settings category and set the Time option to Film (24 fps) so your animation plays at the default rate of 24 frames per second.
    • Click the Time Slider category and enter 0 and 300 for the Playback Start/End values. (Press the Enter (Windows and Linux) or Return (Mac OS X) as necessary.)
    • Set the Playback Speed to Play every frame.
    • Click Save in the Preferences window.

    At this playback speed and frame range, the animation results of the expressions you’ll create in the lessons will be easier to examine and understand.

  4. With the pointer in the perspective view, press 5 (for Shading > Smooth Shade All). It’s easier to see the expression effects on shaded objects than wireframe objects in the following lessons.