Constraining nCloth clothing

Notice when you playback the scene the straps fall off the character’s shoulders as she walks. You can fix this by constraining the straps to her body.

To constrain the dress straps

  1. Go to beginning of the playback range.
  2. Right-click the model and select Vertex.
  3. Select only the CVs of the dress straps.

  4. -select the character.

  5. Select nConstraint > Point to Surface.

    An nConstraint creates a dynamic link between an nCloth’s CVs and the components of other nCloths or collision objects. A Point to Surface constraint attaches nCloth components such as CVs, edges, or faces to a target surface. In this case we are attaching the CVs of the dress straps to the character’s body.

  6. With the newly created constraint still selected, select Display > Hide > Hide Selection.

    The constraint markers disappear to give you a better view of the dress straps.

    NoteIf you de-selected the constraint and have trouble re-selecting it, you can select Window > Outliner to open the Maya Outliner. You can then select the constraint by left-clicking dynamicConstraint1 in the Outliner.
  7. Select the dress.
  8. Select nCache > Create New Cache.

    Maya automatically plays back the nCloth simulation and saves it to disk.

  9. Playback the scene.

    The dress straps now stay with the character’s body throughout the animation.