Caching nCloth to speed up playback

Notice that the playback of the nCloth simulation is quite slow. This is due to the additional calculations required for nCloth and its associated collisions. However, you can use Maya’s nCache feature to view the scene at full speed.

To view the scene at full speed

  1. Select the nCloth dress.
  2. Select nCache > Create New Cache > .

    The Create nCache Options window appears.

  3. Set the Cache directory to the folder to which you want your caches saved.
  4. Set the Cache name to DressCache.
  5. Click Create.

    Maya will begin to play the scene automatically and store the frames in the directory you specified. When it is finished, click the Play button in the animation controls. You will notice that the scene now plays back at full speed. However, if you change any of the dress’ settings you will need to create a new cache to view your changes. This will be addressed later in this lesson.