The Toolbox: Layout shortcuts

The Toolbox is located on the left hand side of the Maya user interface. It contains icons that open tools for transforming your objects within Maya (selection, move, rotate, scale) as well as layout shortcuts for changing the views and panel layouts.

The Quick Layout buttons shortcuts allow you to select a different panel or switch to another layout.

You need to finish positioning the cylinder. To do this you need to see the object from a side view to make sure it is sitting exactly on the ground plane.

To change the panel layout to view the base from a side view

  1. From the Toolbox, click the Four View layout shortcut.

    The workspace changes to a four-view layout. The perspective view is located in the top right corner and the other views show the object from the top, front and side. The layout shortcuts have other options that you will learn later in this tutorial.

    It’s now possible to see the base from the side view, but it would be easier to determine the position of the base if the side view were enlarged to a full view.

  2. To enlarge the side view, position the mouse cursor in the side view, and tap the spacebar of your keyboard.

    The workspace changes to a single view layout with the side view in an enlarged view. It is easier to view the position of the base from this side view. Notice that the base lies slightly above and below the ground plane (X, Z).

    TipYou can position your mouse cursor in any scene view and tap the spacebar once to toggle the view. If the view is a full panel view, it will change to a four panel view and vice versa.