Beyond the lesson

This lesson showed you a basic technique for creating non-dynamic fluids. While creating the effect, you learned how to:

To make the texture move, you would keyframe the Texture Time attribute in the Textures section of the Attribute Editor. For details on keyframing attributes, see the Maya Help.

You modified several texture attributes in this lesson, but there are many more attributes for customizing textures. Also, note that the non-dynamic effects you can create using texturing are not limited to clouds. Here are some examples:

To learn more about how to use texturing and other fluid attributes, study the Fluid Effects examples that are included with Maya (Fluid Effects > Get Fluid Example) and look at the Notes section at the bottom of the Attribute Editor for example fluids. It includes information about the selected effect, pointing out the key aspects of its construction.

For further information on Fluid Effects, see the Maya Help.