Rendering the curtain scene

In these next steps you render the curtain, which is Paint Effects hair, using the mental ray for Maya renderer.

To turn on the mental ray for Maya renderer

  1. In the main menu, select Window > Rendering Editors > Render Settings (or click the Render Settings icon in the Render View window).

  2. In the Render Settings window, set Render Using setting to mental ray.

To render the curtain scene

  1. Before rendering be sure to display the hair system’s Current Position ( Hair > Display > Current Position).
  2. Play the simulation and stop at the frame you want to render.
  3. Click the Render Current Frame button on the Status Line.

    The curtain scene is rendered and should look something like the image below.

    If you have trouble seeing the beads, try moving the light closer to the curtains or increasing the light intensity in the Channel box.