Create a surface between two sets of boundary curves

You can build a blend between two boundaries defined by sets of surface curves. For example, you can use this tool to create a surface that forms a smooth juncture between a creature’s arm and torso.

  1. Select Edit NURBS > Surface Fillet > Fillet Blend Tool.
  2. Click the surface curves that form the first boundary, then press . You can use isoparms, edges, or curves-on-surface.
  3. Click the surface curves that form the second boundary, then press .

    If you edit the surfaces that provided the input curves for the blend, the blend updates automatically.

    NoteIf you use the manipulator handles to adjust a fillet blend between straight lines (such as the edges of two planes), twisting and unexpected results may occur.

Troubleshooting a fillet blend surface

If the resulting fillet blend surface is twisted, you can try the following: