Fixing a problem in an expression

As mentioned before, Balloon skips from Y-axis position 0 to 2 after two seconds of animation play. You can eliminate the skipping and make Balloon rise smoothly from the origin.

To fix the skipping in the animation

  1. Stop the animation and go to the start time.
  2. Change the expression as follows. (Changes are displayed in bold print.)
    if (time < 2)
    	Balloon.translateY = 0;
    if (time < 2)
    	Balloon.scaleY = time;
    if (time >= 2)
    	Balloon.translateY = time - 2;
  3. Click Edit.

    Playback the animation. Balloon inflates for 2 seconds, then rises slowly and smoothly with time, from its position at the origin.

    When time is greater than or equal to 2, the translateY position of Balloon becomes 2 minus 2, which is 0. As time increases beyond 2 seconds, the translateY position increases in the same increments that time increases.

  4. Stop the animation and go to the start time.