Entering MEL commands

You can enter MEL commands in the Command Line or the Script Editor. The Command Line can only accept single line MEL commands, while the Script Editor provides a method to input multiple MEL commands and view the results.

To use the Command Line to input MEL commands

  1. Select Display > UI Elements.

    Ensure that Command Line is checked.

  2. Click in the Command Line text field to position the text cursor in the field

    By default the Command Line is in MEL script entry mode. You can change the mode by clicking on the text in the lower left hand corner. For this lesson, ensure the Command Line is in MEL script entry mode.

  3. Type the following in the Command Line.

    All MEL and Python entries are case sensitive.

  4. To execute the command, press Enter on the numeric part of your keyboard, or press Ctrl+Enter.
  5. A NURBS sphere is created at the origin.

In the Script Editor, the Enter (Windows and Linux) or Return (Mac OS X) key above the Shift key does not execute a command. It starts a new line so you can type several commands before executing them.