Creating a target object for a blend shape

In the next steps, you duplicate the face of the head to create a target object for the blend shape. Later in the lesson, you apply a cluster to the duplicated face (target object) so you can create a smile. The facial expression on the target object is what the original base object will match.

  1. Using the Outliner, select only the face. That is, select only the head surface without the eyes.

    In the Outliner, the face is named baseFace and is indented under head.

  2. Select Edit > Duplicate Special > . In the options window, select Edit > Reset Settings, turn on World for the Group Under option, then click the Duplicate Special button. By grouping the duplicate under the world, you create an object independent of the original.
  3. Move the duplicate face to a position where both faces are visible for comparison, for instance, to the right side of head.

  4. Rename the duplicate face as smilingFace.

    This duplicate face will be modified so it can be used to influence the original.