Duplicating objects across an axis of symmetry

3D artists often construct one half of a symmetrical model in order to simplify the data requirements. The scene provided for this lesson reflects this situation.

The teddy bear has only one half of its body. In the next steps, you’ll duplicate the surfaces that make up the arms, legs, and body across the center axis to complete the model.

To duplicate surfaces

  1. In the scene view, select the five surfaces to be duplicated: the arm, arm paw, leg, leg paw, and body. Click one surface, then shift-click the other surfaces until all of the five surfaces are highlighted.
  2. Select Edit > Duplicate Special > . In the Duplicate Special Options window that appears, select Edit > Reset Settings, then do the following:
    • Change the X Scale value to -1.
    • Click the Duplicate Special button.

    Setting the X Scale value to -1 duplicates the surfaces in corresponding positions across the negative side of the X-axis.