Render color per vertex in mental ray for Maya

Render color per vertex in mental ray® for Maya®using the mentalrayVertexColors node. It can be used in a shading network for rendering color per vertex. As a result, you can store shading and lighting information on mesh vertices (rather than shading networks), simplifying your scene and making it more efficient to render.

To use the mentalrayVertexColors node

  1. Create color sets. For more information, see Polygon color sets.
  2. Create a mentalrayVertexColors node. For more information, see Create a node.
  3. In the Connection Editor, load the shape node that contains the color set you want to use into the Outputs column. For more information, see Connection Editor.
  4. Load the mentalrayVertexColors node into the Inputs column of the Connection Editor.
  5. Connect the output of the color set (colorSet[n].colorName) to the cpvSets input on the mentalrayVertexColors node.
  6. Make connections from the mentalrayVertexColors node out color to the input nodes of a shader, as necessary. For more information, see About shading networks.

Additional notes