Manipulate curves with the lattice manipulator

To deform animation curves with the lattice manipulator

  1. Select the Lattice Deform Keys Tool from the Graph Editor’s toolbar.
  2. Set the Lattice Deform Keys Tool options from the tool settings window.

    See Lattice Deform Keys Tool.

  3. Select keys on the curves you want to deform to define the target curve region.

    The lattice appears in the curve view. The lattice forms a bounding box around the selected keys.

  4. Select the lattice points, lattice edge, or lattice cell you want to manipulate by clicking them.

    -click lattice points to include them in or remove them from your selection. You can not select more than one lattice edge or cell at a time.

  5. Do one of the following:

    When using the Lattice Deform Keys Tool to deform keys that lie on a single axis, selecting one lattice point in a row (vertical) or column (horizontal) selects all the points in that row or column.

    For example, if you select a lattice control point on a horizontal lattice, all of the lattice points in the selected point’s column are also activated. Depending on your current dolly-view scale in the Graph Editor, not all the selected lattice points may be visible. The visibility of the selected lattice points does not affect the functioning of this tool.