Configure System Paths
Command entry:Customize menu Configure System Paths

3ds Max uses paths to locate different kinds of files, including defaults, fonts, and startup MAXScript files. You use the Configure System Paths command to open the Configure System Paths dialog and customize these paths.

3ds Max saves the paths that the Configure System Paths command manages in the 3dsmax.ini file.


The Configure System Paths dialog comprises two panels:

See Also
  • System Paths

    This dialog is especially useful if you are programming your own scripts for 3ds Max.

  • 3rd Party Plug-Ins Path Configuration

    On the 3rd Party Plug-Ins panel of the Configure System Paths dialog, you can add or modify the directory paths of plug-ins supplied by third parties and independent software developers. You can also store plug-ins in separate directories and use this panel to add the paths of those directories. Changing the list order specifies the search order. Put the most frequently used plug-ins at the top.