Adds a single item to a collection. Compare this method to XSICollection.AddItems, which adds one or more items at a time or XSICollection.SetAsText, which adds all items in the string list.

C# Syntax

XSICollection.Add( Object in_newVal );

Scripting Syntax

XSICollection.Add( Item );


Parameter Type Description
Item CollectionItem, any kind of ProjectItem or String The new item being added. This may be a generic object (CollectionItem), a specific type of object (ProjectItem) or an Object Name (string expression).


VBScript Example

Dim oColl             ' object pointer for collection
Dim oMember             ' object pointer for members
Dim oNull               ' object pointer for null object
Dim oCollItem   ' object pointer for collection item
Dim sLightName  ' string variable for the camera name 
' Create the stuff we will populate the collection with
Set oNull = ActiveSceneRoot.AddNull     
checkType oNull                 ' = project item
Set oCollItem = CreateObject( "XSI.CollectionItem" )
oCollItem.Value = "Camera"              
checkType oCollItem                     ' = collection item
sLightName = "light*"                   
checkType sLightName                    ' = string expression
' Create the new collection
Set oColl = CreateObject( "XSI.Collection" )
' Add each item
oColl.Add oNull
oColl.Add oCollItem
oColl.Add sLightName
' What do we have now?
LogMessage "----------------"
For Each oMember In oColl
        checkType oMember
function checkType( in_object )
        LogMessage in_object & " is a " & TypeName( in_object )
end function
' Output of above script:
'INFO : "null is a Null"
'INFO : "Camera is a CollectionItem"
'INFO : "light* is a String"
'INFO : "----------------"
'INFO : "null is a Null"
'INFO : "Camera is a Camera"
'INFO : "light is a Light"

See Also

XSICollection.GetAsText XSICollection.AddItems XSICollection.Remove